Corporate Philosophy

Celltrion Healthcare Transforms “Possibility” into “Possible”


To promote the health and welfare of mankind


To be the world's leading life science company through innovative biologics

Core Values

Self-esteem and happiness to our employees
Comfort and help to those who are in need
Respect and delight to community

Corporate Business principles


Biotechnology is a 21st century high-tech industry, where the creativity of individuals becomes the driving force behind growth, so Celltrion Healthcare employees must value creativity when working on all tasks.

Compliance with Principles

As a business based on valuing human life, the various regulations and principles shall be thoroughly complied with.

Innovative Spirit

The business goal of Celltrion Healthcare is a difficult one to achieve without infinite innovative spirit, and the Celltrion Healthcare employees shall work on their duties with an unquenchable innovative spirit when working on all tasks.

Pursuit for the World’s Best

The business of Celltrion Healthcare aims for the global market, instead of only the domestic market, and to achieve success amid the competition with global companies, where all officers and researchers shall aim for the world’s best standards and shall have the abilities corresponding to such aim.