Biological therapeutics

The introduction of biological therapeutics truly revolutionized and transformed the treatment paradigm, patient care, long-term clinical outcomes and public healthcare budget for autoimmune diseases, cancer and chronic diseases.

The approval of biosimilar medicines has led to a significant increase in the number of patients who are able to receive biological therapy due to their lower cost. Not only are biosimilars less expensive than originator biologics, they also bring competition to the market, forcing down the cost of these expensive medicines.

The cost savings with biosimilars also have an impact on treatment regimens and our approach to biological therapy. Biosimilar medicines have potential to provide an appropriate environment in which patients can be treated when necessary without treatment delay.

Based on these benefits, biosimilars will provide

  • patients increased access to biologic therapies.

  • payers opportunities to reduce the burden of high healthcare costs spent.

  • physician or medical society as alternative treatment options.

Celltrion Healthcare conducts worldwide marketing, sales, and distribution of biosimilar and biological medicines developed by Celltrion through extensive global network that covers more than 120 different countries, including both developed and emerging markets.

Celltrion Healthcare endeavors to promote health and welfare of mankind by delivering more affordable, high-quality, and advanced therapeutics to patients world-wide.