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Celltrion Healthcare Climate Change Response 

At Celltrion Healthcare, through our services and products, we strive to create a healthier future for all. And, we are aware that climate change is a major challenge to a healthier future. In the past years, we have witnessed the warmest decade recorded, not to mention a series of extreme weather events and a rise in illnesses, such as malaria, respiratory disease etc., due to such phenomenon. We recognize the interconnection between climate change and human actions and acknowledge our shared responsibility with the international community to address climate change.

Our core values are the center of our effort to minimize our climate impact within our operation and across our supply chain. 

Celltrion Healthcare Core Values & Climate Change 

We will come up with a creative solution to reduce our GHG 
emissions within our operation and across our supply chain.

Compliance with Principles:

Building on existing trust, we will comply with our own, clients’ and regulators’

 climate change principles.

The Spirit of Challenge:

We will make every effort, through collaboration, to reduce our 

carbon footprint, regardless of challenges.

The Pursuit to Be the World’s Best:

We will pursue to be ahead of the game to fight climate change. 

[Within our operation: Scope 1 & 2] 

Vast majority of our direct greenhouse gas emissions are assumed to be from our daily operations of office buildings and automobiles as we do not own any manufacturing facilities. As such, we are currently sharpening our focus to monitor emissions from daily operations across the globe. While we monitor our emissions, we will leverage the below actions to reduce our direct carbon footprint as well:

n Encouraging virtual meetings to reduce emissions from company owned mobile cars’ operations and long-distance business trips using company owned mobile cars

n Limiting unneeded and unnecessary lighting, cooling, and heating

n Building a sustainable culture in the office that can encourage employees to part-take in reducing our carbon footprint

[Across our supply chain: Scope 3]

Our supply chain is the major source of our emissions as we are a pharmaceutical sales and distribution firm that does not manufacture. We are currently anchoring our effort to grasp the amount of emissions from our supply chain. To sophisticate our scope 3 emissions calculation and reduce our indirect carbon footprint, we will engage in the following actions:

n Developing supplier code of conduct that will include a commitment to climate action

n Organizing campaigns for employees to choose sustainable transportation for commutes and business trips

n Participating in supply chain initiatives (PSCI, EcoVadis etc) to engage with suppliers​

This statement marks the beginning of our journey to reduce our climate impact. 

Follow up actions to the statement will be provided to the stakeholders. 

For any inquiries, please contact esg@celltrionhc.com