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Personal Information Collection Possession Agreement

Website Users’ Consent to the Collectionand Use of Personal Information (To Make Inquiries, Complaints, and Reports)

CelltrionHealthcare Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Company”) collects personal information toprovide services that involve reporting side effects, filing complaint reports,and receiving and handling inquiries. Please thoroughly read the followingterms and conditions on the collection and use of personal information anddecide whether you wish to provide us with your personal information.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

□ Detailson the Collection and Use of Personal Information (Required)


Purpose of Data Collection and Use

Retention Period

Email address

To receive, handle, and give feedback to any inquiries, side effect reports, and complaints

- A service user’s identifier such as a name: 3 years

- Records related to complaints from or disputes with customers: 5 years after the settlement of disputes

- Medical information on products or dosage: 5 years

2. Method of Data Collection

Usersare required to enter their personal information on the website.

3. Retention and Disposal of Personal Information

1) Once the retention period is over, auser’s personal information will be disposed of immediately. In addition, theuser’s request to have the data removed will be honored within 14 days, and theCompany will be responsible for informing the user of the result.

2) Method of Disposal: Personalinformation in electronic formats (DB or PC) will be destructed in a way thatthe previous data cannot be retrieved. Meanwhile, printed personal documentswill be safely disposed of using a paper shredder.

4. The Right to Disagree and the Disadvantages ofDisagreeing with Our Terms and Conditions

Theuser has the right to disagree with sharing personal information mentionedabove. However, as it is required to proceed with any inquiries, complaints,and reports, the Company will not be able to properly answer the user withoutthe required information.

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