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Celebrating the beginning of the biosimilar era When the biosimilar industry was newly emerging, Celltrion Healthcare established strategic relationship with Celltrion as co-developer with strong conviction that the biosimilar business would be successful. In 2013, Remsima®, the world’s first biosimilar monoclonal antibody, was launched in Europe that led the global pharmaceutical market, bringing the
significance of biosimilars to worldwide attention.

1999~2009 history image
Established Nexol Inc
Established Global distribution agreement
with Celltrion
2012~2013 history image
Changed the company name to Celltrion
Launched Remsima® in Europe

Proving the potential success of biosimilars The total cumulative export value of Remsima® reached KRW 1 trillion in 2016, which was a great achievement in the
biopharmaceutical history of Korea. In addition, Celltrion Healthcare managed to launch Remsima®® (Inflectra®) in the United States, which is known for having the world’s top pharmaceutical market, and Truxima®, the world's first oncology
mAB biosimilar, in Europe, proving that biosimilars have the potential for success in the global markets.

2015~2017 history image
Won the “USD 30 Billion Trade Award” at the
52nd Annual Trade Day
The total export value of Remsima® reached
KRW 1 trillion
Launched Remsima®(Inflectra®) in the United States
2017 history image
Launched Truxima® in Europe
Celltrion Healthcare listed on KOSDAQ
The market share of Remsima® bypassed
that of the originator medicine as a
biosimilar for the first time in Europe.

Becoming the world’s leading bio-company The biosimilar market has led the global healthcare industry and been recognized for its financial value and growth
potential. Celltrion Healthcare, which brought success to biosimilars, is now taking a bold step into becoming a direct seller of pharmaceuticals to the world.

2018 history imag
Launched Herzuma® in Europe
Launched Truxima® in the United States
RemsimaSC® is approved by Europe (EMA)
Launched RemsimaSC® in Europe
Brazil Herzuma Launching Symposium
Launched Herzuma® in the United States